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Andrea and Mounir are a business broker team out of Las Vegas, Nevada. They have been an instant success and taken Las Vegasby storm.

Mounir is originally from London, England. He suffered the loss of his Father at a young age. Once he graduated high school he took a big step and decided to immigrate to the US in the hopes of finding a way to make his dreams possible. After working his way up the corporate ladder to become the top producing sales executive in the company. Soon enough corporate America was not the life he wanted to live and began the transition into business brokerage.

Andrea has a similar motivation behind wanting more from life- she was born in a small country town in Illinois and at the age of 19 she moved away to Florida and begin an extensive career in real estate. Investment real estate was Andrea's specialty and that dirived from her passion for helping investors in locating the top revenue generating properties. 

Andrea and Mounir met in Orlando Florida and from there they moved to Las Vegas together. Late 2016 Andrea and Mounir decieded to make it offical and they were maried August 27th, 2016.


Together, they have built one of the best business broker teams around, The Bousaid Team.