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Expert Las Vegas Business Broker Team

The Bousaid Team Will Help You Buy or Sell Your Business

Buying and selling Las Vegas businesses is a process that demands proper training, well-earned experience, and the latest tools. If you want to increase your chances of success, you should plan to find a business broker you can trust – one with skills in evaluation, marketing, and negotiation, as well as knowledge of the local market. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that so many business buyers and sellers trust the Bousaid Team.

Established in 1994, FCBB has become one of the nation’s largest business sales organizations. Our brokers have particular experience in areas such as accounting, banking, real estate, executive search, and securing immigration visas. Whether you’re currently based in Nevada or outside the US, we understand your needs and have the know-how to accomplish your goals.

 The following is a partial list of the brokerage services that the Bousaid Team provides:

  • Assist in evaluating the value of businesses
  • Develop outlines of businesses for potential buyers
  • Assist in acquiring E2 business investment visas
  • Conduct buyer searches
  • Advertise the business to our network of buyers
  • Screen potential buyers
  • Coordinate and assist in negotiations
  • Assist in structuring deals
  • Provide all necessary documents and contracts
  • Guide clients through the entire buying or selling process

Everyone on our team has completed extensive training through FCU (First Choice University), and everyone attends ongoing continuing education. As a result, our team includes some of the most highly-trained experts in Business Valuation , sales, marketing, and buy/sell negotiations that you’ll find anywhere.

Work with the Bousaid Team, and you’ll find that we’re large enough to offer buyers the best selection of businesses available nationwide, but not too big to give our sellers individual attention. We know that confidentiality is critical in a business sales transaction, and we always act with care and discretion.

The future is bright in Las Vegas. Are you ready to buy a business and take ownership of your future? Or is it time to sell your business and enjoy the rewards of your hard work? Count on the Bousaid Team to help you get the best possible price on your business, on the best terms. Call us today at  (702)321-1292, email us at BousaidTeam@fcbb.com, or click the link below to see FCBB’s exclusive listings!

Six Tips to Prepare Your Business for Sale

 1. Build a strategy to sell your business

The first step in preparing a business for sale is a well-thought-out strategy. Your team will move forward with clear plans that deliver critical results: 

Identify your priorities
Choose measurable outcomes 
Develop clear guidelines for everyone to follow
Identify business goals 

With a strategy in place, your team knows what to do.

Develop an ideal buyer profile
Complete a study to identify internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats
Develop a marketing plan with a clear positioning statement
Establish clear revenue potential and profit margins
Develop an action plan

The importance of a sales strategy cannot be understated. If it seems like an overwhelming task, do not be tempted to minimize its significance. Instead, turn to professionals who streamline the process into actionable steps and help to accomplish tasks along the way.  

First Choice Business Brokers - Las Vegas - has proven strategies to achieve your critical results. 

2. Review and update human resources policies and contracts.

Every business owner worries about their employees during a business sale. Due diligence of human resources policies and contracts is essential during sales preparation, minimizing your worries and improving employee relationships. Owners can move into sale negotiations confident about the human resources department. A responsible buyer recognizes staffing stability as a benefit to their acquisition of your company. 

3. Remove unnecessary expenses.

You can review and reduce non-essential expenses that eat into profit margins to ensure buyers see potential in your business's profit margins. 
Do this for a year or two before listing to sell, and your efforts will factor into the valuation.

4. Audit records accurately.

An audit is powerful and will flush out internal mismanagement during sales preparation. You want issues resolved before the business hits the market. A detailed audit grants instant credibility, as the buyer sees the benefit of reduced risk and moves forward in the negotiations.  

Your business broker can streamline the audit process and organize its presentation during negotiations. Key performance indicators that gauge overall performance attract a suitable buyer during negotiations. 

There are three categories of audits:


Some view audits as a pain that, not worth the hassle. What do you think? 
If you have a business in Las Vegas, visit our First Choice Business Brokers office for a robust discussion about whether or not your business will benefit from an audit. 

5. Review your financials with an accountant 

A business with clean financial records improves its valuation and attracts suitable buyers. Companies with an accounting team on staff may depend on the strength of their reporting to speak for itself when a buyer begins due diligence. 
First Choice Business Brokers have access to professional accountants for advice in financial matters. 

6. Create a plan for future growth.

Buyers will study your business metrics and look for growth potential. While you prepare your business for sale, an objective eye will help create a growth plan. 

Sharing your business plans for future growth is an attractive feature to a well-qualified prospective buyer.

First Choice Are the go-to Business Brokers in Las Vegas, And Here’s Why:

Certified and experienced brokers.

FCBB has been helping business owners like yourself to sell their businesses since 1994. Andrea and Moe Bousaid are certified, experienced business brokers.  

Free valuation of your business:

An accurate valuation is vital to a successful business sale. A low price will cause your business to sell quickly but rob you of its actual value. A high price may cause the listing to sit for too long. Our team at FCBB delivers accurate business appraisals with a proven success rate.

We provide legal documentation and assist with paperwork.

Professional documentation is an asset for your business sale. The experienced adviser provides accurate, professional records, this is attractive to a well-qualified, knowing buyer. Carefully prepared documentation will protect your interests and avoid future repercussions.  

We stay with you throughout the process.

An average business sale is stressful for the owner. Tensions run high, especially if you haven't done this before. Hiring a professional business brokerage can alleviate extreme emotions. 
First Choice Business Brokers - Las Vegas delivers a turnkey business selling experience.

We find the right buyer for your business.

For a successful sale, you want maximum numbers of prospective buyers from various networks. The larger the draw, the better your chance of finding the right buyer for your business.  As a well-connected broker in the Las Vegas area for decades, FCBB will find you the right buyer. 

We enforce strict confidentiality protocols.

Confidentiality is a concern during a business sale. Information about the sale leaking to employees or customers causes instability and may quickly change the valuation. At FCBB, we have strong policies that prevent information leaks and protect your privacy. We draft a non-disclosure agreement that buyers sign. Knowledgeable buyers today appreciate and respect the non-disclosure agreement. The NDA will ultimately protect the buyer from unpredictable outcomes caused by disruption amongst employees or customers. 

Buy & Sell Your Business -FAQs

How Much Is My Business Worth?

Estimating your business's value will be a daunting task to complete by yourself if you do not have expertise. An accurate valuation may be the most telling indicator of a successful sale. An incorrect valuation can cause irreparable damage, signaling prospective buyers that something is wrong. 

Consult with First Choice Business Brokers - Las Vegas for an accurate valuation. 

How quickly will my business sell?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including: 
An accurate valuation
Location and business domain
Market conditions and comparables
Assets and profit margins

First Choice Business Brokers experts have measurable success rates over decades of experience in the Las Vegas market. 

When Is The Best Time To Sell?

 Simply put, the best time to sell your business is when you can get the highest valuation. 

Market Conditions, look for favorable conditions for your niche or domain
An accurate valuation
Economic strength

Where can I find the best buyers for my business?

Finding buyers for your business involves:

Connecting to an extensive network of buyers. 
An effective marketing plan

FCBB has decades of experience helping owners find the right buyer for their business. 

What is due diligence?

The process of due diligence is risk management that keeps you and your business safe. Identifying and mitigating high-risk situations will prevent damaging litigation in the future. Audits completed by a third party ensure objectivity a prospective buyer can trust. 

What do prospective buyers look for during negotiations? 

Prospective buyers perform due diligence, learn about your business, identify risks, and study the metrics. A qualified buyer looks specifically for:

Profit margins
Growth potential
Solid customer base 
Clean legal and financial records
Due diligence

Your FCBB - Las Vegas knows the buyers on their networks and your business, increasing the possibility of a great match.  

Can a business broker sell my business quickly? 

Every effort is made to sell your business in a reasonable period of time. There are variables that make it difficult to predict a specific time it will take to sell your business. A business broker has considerable experience with the general market and buyers that saves time without cutting corners.  
First Choice Business Brokers - Las Vegas has access to a team, and gets more done in less time. You can sell your company and move on to other things. 

Are Business Brokers Expensive?

Because brokers help achieve maximum value, they make money for the owner in the final sale. There is no getting around spending money to sell a business successfully. The better question becomes, how do I get the best value for the money I spend selling the business? 

FCBB - Las Vegas provides maximum value to the seller at no risk because there are no upfront fees. A success fee goes to the broker at the closing (a percentage of the sales price agreed upon in advance). 

What Size Of Business Do You Handle?

Some business brokers specialize in a specific niche or domain, many within the middle market.
First Choice Business Brokers network in all markets; the mainstreet local markets and multinational companies in the middle or larger markets.  

Will You Help Me During Negotiations?

It is common for brokers to handle negotiations for the seller. Although there are some owners who prefer to do so themselves. 

Our advisers with First Choice Business Brokers - Las Vegas are well trained and experienced in the art of negotiation. (This might even be our favorite part) We stay with you through the entire process until the deal is closed and a successful transition takes place. 
We invite business owners who are thinking about selling to visit our Las Vegas office. We are happy to be your sounding board while you make such important  life changing decisions.  
We are here for you!



Andrea & Moe Bousaid

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